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Frequently Asked Questions

Bring it on

Can I find newsletters to sponsor myself?

Yes. But you will face two problems: it takes a lot of time, and not everyone is ready for sponsored issues.

We spent 100+ hours finding and filtering newsletters for you. And we have valuable data about each newsletter to simplify your selection process.

Aren’t newsletter sponsorships only for “big brands”?

Not at all. We have 56 newsletters under 1000 subscribers that will do sponsorship issues for an affordable price.

Moreover, 73% of newsletters are open for an “affiliate model”. This way, you don’t risk anything and only split generated revenue.

How can I contact Newsletter Creators?

We have an email and a Twitter account for every newsletter Creator.

So you can write them your offer and negotiate the deal if they like your product.

What if I don't know how to plan for newsletter sponsorships?

That's why we've included our $197 training as a bonus to walk you through each step.

You'll know how to generate more leads and revenue with less effort, and build high-convertingsponsorship funnels through expert guidance and strategies.

Do you charge anything else beyond a one-time payment?

No. You only pay once to get lifetime access. We don’t get any cut from your sponsorships either.

Do you guarantee every newsletter will agree to my sponsorship offer?

No. Newsletter Creators are free to decline your sponsorship offer. For example, if it doesn’t match their average ad price or is outside their niche.

But we will share a step-by-step guide “How to Run Great Sponsorship Ad” with you. This way, you won’t face this problem.

What does “affiliate model” mean?

In this model, you don’t pay newsletter Creators money upfront. Instead, you pay them the commission from every sale from their issue. Usually, from 20% to 50%.

We recommend using Rewardful or Gumroad Affiliate for this.

What does “cross-promotion with other newsletters” mean?

If you have a newsletter, you can cross-promote it with other newsletters. You both will publish an issue promoting each other. A shortcut to getting new subscribers.

Usually, cross-promotion is free and is done with newsletters with a close number of subscribers.

How do monthly updates work?

We will continue to add new newsletters as they come in after we've vetted their information.

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